What is the meaning of life?

Life is so strange.. Because when you kill someone in war, you are be hero. But when you kill someone in normal life. You are be killer and everbody hate from you. If you ara looking from outside, you can say this is different situation… True but is same darkness..
We are grow up in different lifes and faith. We accepting all roles of god give. But ten page later what it will be? We have no idea about this. We are just trying to be hero of god fiction..

We feel something cold and sad until die. How we will find light, in this cold thing and darkness?

When we are looking for meaning of life, we just put small things to be more meaning of life. For someones the meaning of life, to be believe god and to pray. For someones, make love. for someones, good career and future plans, for someones, do something good and helpfull for all people.

For you or for me, the meaning of life, never didnt be just one. When we learn to ask about something, we should understand this is the most important questiong.
Learn to ask! Because it will give the all answer.

What is the meaning of life?

Accually we are living in past or future. And our opinion always going on that way. What i will do tomorrow? Where should i go for the holiday? Other and other days and monts. Most important thing is just this. Because we believe this and living like that. When we haven’t time for think about future. Then we are starting for past. Thats always killing us. Maybe slowly maybe not.. But we are killing us.
We don’t care about currently. Because we have no time for think about currently. We thinking have to catch something. We are thinking have to be somewhere. we are running always without breath. for what? We have no idea..
When we were looking to sky, or some birds, we understanding life is going from our hands.

We have to work and find a job. We have to marry. Always we have to something.

But why always we have to do something?

This is meaning of life?


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